What Do You Do with Wedding Rings, After Divorce?

what to do with wedding ring after divorceWhat Do You Do with Wedding Rings, After Divorce?

When a couple first enters into an engagement everything is lollipops and roses.  The excitement of starting a new life with someone you love is like a euphoric drug.  They seem better than they really are, and the life you expect to live is picture perfect.  Girls love jewelry, so the whole “ring thing”, really tops off the air of positive expectation.

While marriage is seldom the fairy tale most people envision when tying the knot, many marriages grow in strength over time.  There are still couples out there who manage to find the right partner and blissfully maneuver the hurdles of life, to grow old together.  That is not the case for about half of us though.  When a marriage goes bad those bands , that were symbols of love and commitment, start to metamorphosize into shackles.  Divorce looms.

What do you do with wedding ring after divorce?  Toss it in a box?  In the trash? Move it to the other hand?  Save it for your child?  Sell it?  Reset it?  I am sure there are as many different answers as there are marriages that don’t work out.  I am just wondering what the standard is.


  1. says

    I sold my ring to pay for school registration for my kid. The ring’s meaning for me was broken and moving forward was more important.

  2. Crafty says

    I saved mine and let my son give them to his wife. He LOVED the thought he could have the rings that ultimately brought him into the world. His wife was pleased that she had those rings too.

    The meaning behind the rings are gone but what they brought to me lives on and on…I now have 2 grandchild due to those rings.

    Your pain is still too new and too raw but….. Because I am 20 years beyond the day I took them off, I can say it will get better…not soon enough for you but it will.

    Don’t get rid of things because they hurt when you see them…pack them up. Your children will appreciate them in 15 years when you can give them the objects and memories of happier times of their parents.

    Like I said, it is easy for me to say these things, I am 20 years removed from the pain. I hope life gets easier for you and please just keep the rings.

  3. Tammy Kennedy says

    After many many years of marriage my husband came home and told me he was no longer going to support me and to show him where it was written he had to.
    This was in October, he stopped buying me food I lost 60 lbs I had no money, no credit cards, no savings account, no checking, all my family except for my 15 year old lived 1200 miles away and they couldn’t afford to help me
    we were living in the same house but he would not speak or look at me he urinated outside just to avoid having to go past me(I was living in our living room)to get to the bathroom
    I had a plastic container which contained the food from the little bit of money I got from family members that sat by my bed, on weekends I couldn’t eat if it needed cooked as he stayed in the kitchen area with his chair and tv
    I tried everywhere trying to get help with no luck
    Finally I found the answer the only thing we have in both our names was the house
    In the safe in our home he kept money so one day in May right after he left for work I took the money, loaded up my car and moved out to a tiny tiny apartment.
    Since it was only me moving my stuff I could only get 2 loads with my car, the next day i went to go back and get my clothing and more personal items, he had changed the locks on the doors so I couldn’t get in.
    My 15 year old wanted to stay with his dad so it was just me
    I left husband a very long letter telling him everything from the heart he still has not contacted me
    My 15 year old won’t speak to me my oldest daughter feels that I stoled from him so I’m now the bad parent for leaving and taking what I felt belonged to me after all those years of neglect and sorrow.
    I would love to give the rings to my children but as of today I have had no response from him and with no income coming in I have to survive, had to apply for new social security card so I can start the process of getting a minimum wage job to try and support myself
    why is it some get nothing and are the bad person others get it all and they are so wonderful?
    Learning to be happy is now my goal in life

    • Robin says

      Wow, Tammy. He makes my soon-to-be-ex seem like a sweetheart, and that is saying something. My thoughts are with you, and hope you get on your feet soon.

  4. says

    I was so broke trying to support myself (and the kids living with me half the time) working only a part time job, I sold my wedding & engagement ring for rent one month. Then I sold another piece of jewelry that the ex had given me to buy food until I started making more money and he started giving me child support.
    I had been sleeping on the couch for a year before I moved out and we worked seperate shifts so we hadn’t really spent any time together and I hadn’t been wearing my rings all that time anyway… they had lost all meaning for me.

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