The Calling Wine: A Nice Gift for Father’s Day

I participated in a campaign on behalf of a Dad Central Consulting for The Calling Wines. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

The calling wine cork


Does dad enjoy a glass of wine in the evening?  Perhaps a nice bottle with a great father & son story behind it would make a smart Father’s Day choice for him.

I was recently sent a bottle of The Calling Pinot Noir to try out.  This is not just a carefully crafted wine, there is fun interesting back story to this wine.  The wine is a collaboration between an award winning sports commentator, Jim Nantz, and established wine industry entrepreneur, Peter Deutsch (hence the Deutsch Nantz label).

Deutsch Nantz Alliance

The Collaboration

The two men both had a dream to create a premium wine, and both had a strong desire to honor their respective fathers.  When they met in a Connecticut restaurant while dining, it was kismet.  You see,  Jim (the sports guy) had published a book about his father called Always By My Side, chronicling both his relationship with his father, and how it was effected by his father’s battle with Alzheimer’s. Peter had recently read the book and it strongly resonated with him.  He also wanted to honor his father, who had started the thriving wine business Peter now headed.  They both also had a dream of creating quality wines.  The Calling was born, and soon the men were visiting vineyards together and developing their creations.


The Calling Pinot Noir

 The Calling Pinot Noir

The Calling Pinot Noir is a classic cool-climate Pinot Noir made from select grapes, sourced from Dutton Ranch vineyards  When I sipped it, the forefront flavor for me was cherry/berry, I also noticed something smoother almost like cantaloup, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on a good descriptive term for it.  I noted some subtle spice and oak, as well.  The pro tasters describe it as ” flavors of fresh cherries, mushrooms, and spice are framed by rich acidity, delicate texture and powdery tannins.”.  I would agree with their statements, but I think what I was trying to describe at my best as sort of a cantaloup taste, isn’t quite mushrooms either… perhaps somewhere in the middle.  Anyway is is a smooth easy drinking wine with subtle yet certainly  present character.

Like most Pinot Noirs, this is a versatile wine for food pairing.  My first thought here would be those dishes that tend to confuse people as to what to serve with them.  Dishes featuring pork or mushrooms, heartier vegetarian dishes or grilled seafood that isn’t “quite right for white”, would match up well with The Calling Pinot Noir in my humble opinion.


The Calling Wines

My father doesn’t drink, so we will be visiting him with something else in hand, but if your dad likes wine, a gift of a bottle of one of  The Calling wines, perhaps along with a copy of the book by Jim Nantz would be a great choice.


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    Nice! A great bottle of wine makes a lovely Father’s Day gift.

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    No one in my family is really a big drinker, but this would still make a great gift for a special occasion.

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