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declutter kitchen drawers
Alright, that is not a very friendly zen-like title, but I am up to my eyeballs in kitchen clutter and something’s got to give. Looks like that is going to be me. I’ll be donating some of the extraneous utensils hanging about my kitchen to the Big Sisters next time they come around. Perhaps, someone out there is incapable of peeling garlic and needs a special tool to do so. For me, the thought of cleaning this contraption was never worth trying it… hence the tags are still hanging off it.

I’m in the midst of a couple other projects,  so the drawers are not getting a full spiffy overhaul like the one featured in Cooking Light this month, but a number of items got the axe today. Basically, if I’ve been pushing it out of the way for years and it never gets used… odds are it never will. Bye, bye to… the garlic peeler, garlic press, some stupid thing I was sent that is supposed to hold a potato so it’s “easier” to peel (no I did not buy it) and a few others.

Admittedly my drawers still look like a wretched version of their before, but it is an improvement.  If you would like some savvy tips for serene kitchen drawers, check out the article at the Cooking Light website ( or pick up the Jan/Feb issue.  They are obviously far more qualified in this area than myself.  I would get an “D-” for a progress report on my “get better organized” resolution so far (and it’s only not an “F”, because I have made some minimal effort…lol).
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  1. says

    I have so many mismatched silverware and just all kind of crap that I have in so many junk drawers in my kitchen.. yeah, time to declutter.

  2. says

    I hear you.. my drawers and even the holder on the counter.. yikes!

  3. says

    I have so much organizing to do!

  4. says

    I just organized two of my “junk” drawers this weekend as well as my Pots and pans cabinet!

  5. says

    I definitely need to clean out my kitchen clutter! I have so much stuff I don’t use.

  6. says

    My kitchen drawers are definitley WAY overdue for a good cleaning. It’s just a matter of sitting down and making time to do it.

  7. says

    1500 emails, lol, and I had to click this one because the title made me laugh. :)

    Glad you got some sorting done, we could use a bit of that w/our kitchen utensils too.

  8. hannah says

    My kitchen drawers looked awful too and when we moved twice in 6 weeks – yep twice! – it really pushed me to get them organized.
    I donated all the mismatched flatware and every utensil I did not absolutely love or use. I purchased sets of just teaspoons at walmart since we are always short on those, but don’t need 5 more of everything else in the drawer from buying a set.
    Threw out the measuring spoons that are always rubbing the sizes off and purchased a good quality replacement set.
    Boxed up all the rubbermaid and ziploc containers and purchased a purex glass storage set with tight fitting plastic lids. I LOVE how beautiful they are, and that I can put the glass in the dishwasher. So far we aren’t needing any more containers for leftovers, and my sink isnt full of plastic containers waiting to be washed ( I dont put plastic in the dishwasher).
    Donated all the tall plastic glasses we loved because of their size, and the smaller glasses we never used because of their size; and then purchased a 12pk set of just tall glasses at Walmart.
    There’s more to be done but I love the changes. Its so freeing to declutter and only have things you love and use. Don’t be tempted to keep junk just because.

  9. says

    You DO NOT want to see my kitchen drawers – or the cabinets for that matter! We have 1/2 the space we need, so things are crammed everywhere!

  10. ellen says

    I know your pain. Those gadgetsand gizmos we all think we need have got to go!

  11. says

    Good Luck on cleaning it all out. Have to say never heard of a garlic peeler LOL.

  12. says

    I have way too many gadgets in my kitchen too!

  13. says

    I think i have almost 3 -4 of everything I raelly need to down size to atleast 2 of everything. It’s so overcrowded I bet u feel better now

  14. says

    I have so much stuff I don’t need.

  15. says

    i’m hoping to prevent clutter from ever starting in my new kitchen

  16. says

    I would love to get our kitchen utensil drawer more organized. I thought a simple cute jar on the counter would be the answer. It helped but we just own too much stuff.

  17. says

    My kitchen is awful. I really need to purge and get rid of some things that I know I will never use but it’s pretty hard.

  18. says

    I was just telling my husband is the other day we really have to get rid of all of the small kitchen utensils that we don’t use anymore.

  19. says

    I need to declutter and declutter and declutter.

  20. says

    I need to do this. I’ve been decluttering closets and bedroom drawers, etc., but haven’t made it into my kitchen. I really do believe, “less is more.” :)

  21. says

    I need to declutter my kitchen for sure.