“Some Like It Hot” Even If It’s Iced! #50shadesofID

50 shades of id I generally drink iced coffee. Sure, if I just brewed a fresh pot, I will grab a cup of the hot stuff, but I prefer my java served up icy cold. I thought it was sort of amusing that my “ID shade” on the International Delight “50 Shades of ID” Pinterest board is called “Some Like It Hot”. My particular iced coffee today is featuring International Delight’s Almond Joy variety… Yum!

You may notice that my iced coffee is attractively displayed on the top of my paint encrusted ladder… lol. You’re getting a sneak peak of my new parlour look, before it is even done. I snapped the shot in front of one of the completed walls. The scene seemed apropos, since this project has been pretty much powered by iced coffee.

Now, how do I know that I’m a “Some Like It Hot” kind of girl? Simple I popped into the 50 Shades of ID board, held up my chilly glass of caffeinated goodness, and spotted a match. You should try it yourself, the names are pretty amusing, some are downright “fiesty” even.

Source: via InDelight on Pinterest

I must say, I am thinking my shade should be re-dubbed “Ice Cubes in Bed” ;)


O.K. I shared, now don’t be shy, tell me what your shade is.

Go to Fifty Shades of International Delight on Pinterest and find and share your shade of I.D.!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.

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