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Despite all our best efforts to protect our children from illness, colds and flu are an inevitable part of childhood.  The best we can do is be prepared, and give them love and attention during their sickness.kleenex box in bed

Little Foodie (my daughter) had a couple nasty colds earlier this winter.  I make sure to give her lots of her favorite juices, often frozen into juice pops to sooth her throat.  I also regularly check her temperature and ask her if she has boo-boos and to touch the boo-boo if she has one, since she is non-verbal due to her autism.  Other than that, I mostly keep her warm, comfortable and try to keep her occupied with sedate activities.

No matter how prepared I may be, battling fevers, runny noses, earaches, coughs and sore throats, is a daunting task. When my little girl is sick, I often end out with her climbing into my bed, for that little extra love and comfort.  Bearing her boogie nose on my sheets is the least I can do for her.  Thankfully, I keep plenty of Kleenex tissues on hand (the ones with the lotion…love those), so I can keep the profusion of boogies to a minimum, while also keeping my wee bed invader from getting a sore chafed nose.  Buying Kleenex Care Packs is a convenient way to ensure I am always stocked and ready.

wiping noseOf course a few days later, Little Foodie is feeling much better.  It is right around that time that I start to get the sniffles.  My generous child has shared her germs with me. Looks like it’s time to grab a box of Kleenex for myself, at least she stops in to visit me, and demonstrate her wiping skills (still hasn’t gotten the blowing thing down),before running off to watch another episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.

Kleenex brand, America’s softest tissue*, knows that once one experiences the softness of Kleenex brand tissues, they will be eager to share it with other cold and flu sufferers, friends and strangers alike, as a way to show they care. This cold and flu season, make the care complete with a Kleenex Brand Care Pack, and together we’ll turn a seemingly-small gesture into something bigger, to make everyone feel better. Visit to learn more.
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Kleenex via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Kleenex.



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    Aww poor kiddo- it’s so sad when little ones get sick! I’m glad she’s feeling better!

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    I so hope we can continue through winter without sickness. *knocks* wood. But it pays to be prepared… especially this time of year.

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    We have been sick for a month or more but I think we may be good now.

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    we stock up on grapefruit seed extract. Works like a charm.

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    Kleenex is definitely a great way to help little ones feel a little better when they’re feeling yucky. Other alternatives just end up tearing up their noses and making them feel even worse.

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    I think a care package for someone who’s sick is a great way to show you care!

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