Recipes for Romance

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romantic recipes collection

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, so it seemed the perfect time to share some recipes for romance.  I chose these recipes for various reasons.  Some contain ingredients purported to enhance desire or performance, while others are convenient and/or nutritious and seemed a nice choice for the occasion.  Most are relatively healthy.  After all, the goal is not to kill off those we love, …now is it?

So whip up one of these recipes for your love, light some candles, pour the wine and enjoy each other, on this special evening.  It will be far less stressful than battling the crowds for a restaurant reservation on Valentine’s night.  It is one of the worst nights for service while dining out.

This romantic recipe collection was put together with the collections feature on the community. It is free to join. Why not try building some of your own collections.


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    Thanks for this. Hubs and I won’t be able to go out on V-day so I’ll have to make it special from home.

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    I’m kinda stuck on the amazing looking cupcakes though the banana cakes definitely are not far behind.

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    Some great ideas! I’m looking for a romantic meal to make my husband for his birthday on the 16th! :)

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    Wow! So many things to choose from. I have to admit that I love the cupcakes the most. I think this snow has kicked in my sweet tooth!

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    Well, I don’t have a Valentine, but that won’t stop me from making a fab Valentine’s Day dinner & dessert. The Easy Italian Chicken & Veggie Ravioli Bake and the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cupcake-Muffins look like real winners! I’ll be sure to check out the community for yummy recipes.

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    Oh neat, thanks for sharing all these idea’s! We normally stay home and I cook as restaurants are swamped, so might try some of these out!

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    My husband is the cook in my house, so it would be really special if I made him a romantic Valentines Day dinner.

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