Jungle Boogie Dusterson Style (and a $2 off Endust Coupon)

We all know one of those couples.  The ones that kind of make you cringe.  Basically the last people on earth you want to see “get frisky” in any way shape or form.  Inevitably they end out in an inappropriate display of affection, just about every time you are in their company, leaving you wishing you could scrub your eyeballs clean from pain of witnessing it.  Well, meet the Dusterson’s.

Doug and Debbie Dusterson are a spoof couple in a new video series from Endust.  This uncomely couple, appear to have the raging libidos of teen boys, much to the chagrin of their unfortunate dog Dusty.  I found the first video in the series, riské in an amusing yet uncomfortable Saturday Night Live skit sort of way.  It is one of those things that you want to look away from, but like a car accident, you just can’t stop yourself from looking.  That is a good thing too, because at the end of this humorous video you are offered a valuable coupon, $1 off Endust, or if you mischievously share it with your friends, you will get upgraded to $2 off Endust.

As part of the campaign, I was sent some Endust.  I was not asked to review it, but I will tell you it gives my wood a much better sheen than the product I had been using previously.  I’d say cashing the Dusterson’s coupon in would be a good move.  Less time cleaning, means more time doing what you want, after all.

O.K. now it’s your turn to watch the video,  and I want to hear what you think of it!  Do you find Doug’s “sexy dusting dance” enticing?

To learn more, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Endust. I received a product sample to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for participating


  1. says

    They are on the right track, anything that makes me laugh sticks in my memory.

  2. says

    That video cracks me up!!

  3. says

    That video just made my day. Hahaha.

  4. Jen T says

    I almost lost my lunch but thanks for the coupon

  5. says

    Oh man, I’m sorry, but the video was, ha, pretty gross to me, really. Ew, I did not need to see that – even if it was funny.

  6. says

    these videos crack me up LOL.