Fully Functional Instagram App Now Available for Windows 8 Phones: Itsdagram Review

itsdagram instagram Windows 8You can now use Instagram on Windows 8 phones.  For those of us who work in social media (and those who are just addicted to sharing snapshots on Instagram), this was a huge stumbling block for the Windows 8 platform.  I know it has been a thorn on my side.  While I can’t stand Windows 8 on my new desktop and plan to downgrade to Windows 7 later this week, I adore it on my phone… the only problem has been apps, most notably the lack of a truly functional Instagram app for Windows 8.

Instagram on Windows 8 Itsdagram app review

The recently released Itsdagram while not an “official” release, it has all the functions of Instagram.   Itsdagram doesn’t just browse it also posts to your account.  You can crop and use filters (though I personally think filters are a waste of time). There is no delay in posting like with Instagraph, and unlike Instagraph, Itsdagram also has the functionality to share your Instagram posts on Twitter & Facebook automatically.  I actually like the way it is set up better than the official Android version I had been using.

Itsdagram is a release by Daniel Gary.  You can trial it to upload one pic for free,  full activation of the app is $1.49.  Well worth it in my opinion, since an official release is yet to be seen.  It is starting to climb up the new+rising list in the Windows app store, so you can find it there, otherwise just search it by name in the store.


  1. says

    Ahhh!!!! It’s about time!!! Downloading now. Can you tell I’m excited?

    • says

      Update: Loving the app and I agree with you about Windows 8 being awesome for a phone and sucky for a PC. :)

  2. says

    So are you saying it integrates with Instagram or that it’s a near facsimile?

    • Robin Gagnon says

      It works with Instagram. There were already several apps that function like Instagram, this posts onto your Instagram feed.

  3. says

    That’s great that there is something that works with instagram. That was one of my complaints with the windows phone. A lot of the apps I liked on android and iphone weren’t on the windows phone. It’s great to see them making improvements!

  4. says

    Good to know – I use an iPhone but also have a Windows Phone that I ditched because of the lack of apps for it.

  5. says

    I bet everyone with a Windows phone is happy now. I have an iPhone so I never had this waiting game issue

  6. says

    I\’m not sure I like Windows 8 on the computer either..

  7. says

    I don’t have a phone like that, but have gotten used to Windows 8.

  8. says

    I love INSTAGRAM…but wonder if there isn’t some sort of copyright issue w/ this. Pics look great though.

  9. says

    So glad there is something for those with a Windows 8x phone now.

  10. says

    That was one of my complaints about windows, that’s awesome they have an app now.

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