Yes, #HealthyChoices can Be Fast and Delicious

healthy choice chicken marsalaWe all know I am a little obsessed with cooking and nutrition.  The thing is,  while I genuinely enjoy cooking, as a single mom with  maintenance on an old Victorian Era home, yard work and blog to run, on top of caring for my daughter, her big old hairy dog and general housework, sometimes I just don’t have the time.  I refuse to let my commitment to healthy eating derail though.

This is where Healthy Choice swoops in and saves the day.  O.K., not that dramatic, but a satisfying tasty meal under 300 calories, with reasonable amounts of sodium and plenty of nutrients in 5 minutes comes pretty darn close.  The big bonus, no pots and pans to clean-up.  I recently hit Walmart and stocked up on some of my favorite Healthy Choice products.  To see what is available there (and the low prices) check out my shopping adventure mission on Google+

There are some handy dandy printable coupons available right in my sidebar $1 off the frozen Greek yogurt and $1 off the steamer bowls.  They only cost $2.50 at my local Walmart, so that is a pretty nifty deal. (Just don’t be a dope and forget them like I did.)

#HealthyChoices productsI am particularly fond of Healthy Choice’s steamer bowls, and often buy them.  The company has teamed up with the Top Chef tv series to develop a series of steamer bowls a step up from the typical frozen meal.  There are some unique dishes available in this particular line of dinners.  I’ve enjoyed most of the ones I’ve tried, and even the ones I didn’t care as much, were just not to my personal taste.  The Honey Glazed Turkey and Sweet Potato was a little sweet for my taste, this was to be expected though with sweet potatoes and honey in it.  If it sounds good to you, then you will probably like it.Turkey and Sweet potato healthy choice

Now despite being incredibly picky about sweetness in my savory dishes,  I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, and it has been my downfall each holiday season (it takes me about a month to recover each year…lol).  I have found the perfect treat for me, especially with spring and summer coming.  Healthy Choice Frozen Greek Yogurts come in convenient 3 packs and each serving is only 100 calories!

Greek Frozen Yogurts at Walmart

100 calorie Greek frozen yogurt

First, I tried the Strawberry… Mmmmm.  Then I tried the Fudge Swirl… Mmmmm, Mmmmm.  They are incredibly creamy and delicious.  These do not come across as “diet food” at all.  Oh Yeah, I will be buying these again, very soon.  No wonder the dept manager at Walmart told me he was upping his order for these since they were flying off the shelf already.  Creamy + Sweet + Chocolate + 100 calories + 4 grams of protein, that’s a quintuple winner.  I’m in 😛

healthy choice greek frozen yogurt

I noshed on another one while writing this up.

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    Fudge swirl? Yum. I always eat Greek Yogurt, but I usually go with another brand. I am going to have to keep an eye out for these the next time I am in the store, though.

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    I LOVE Healthy Choice! I discovered their froyo a few weeks ago & am obsessed, and I’ve loved their meals for years!

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    Oh my goodness, I’ve got to try that Greek Frozen Yogurt!

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    Their frozen Greek yogurts are wonderful and I love the individual portion sizes so I don’t go overboard.

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    I have every single one of those flavors in my freezer. I tried one last month for the heck of it, and then became instantly obsessed so I went back and got ALL the flavors.

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    All of those items look amazing I really really want to try that greek yogurt!