Kid’s Fall Fashion with JC Penney

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I love shopping at JC Penney for my family.  They always have the current styles, at very family friendly prices.  Thus, I was thrilled when they asked me to do a kid’s fall fashion post, along with a giveaway for my readers.  If you are like me and don’t buy all your children’s school clothes for the fall before school starts, then this should be of interest to you.back to school style

My co-shopper is a sometimes cranky 3 year old, so we actually had to break this into two shopping trips.  During the first one we stocked up on the cute and versatile mix and match toddler separates from Okie Dokie.  The fuchsia outfit my daughter is wearing to school in the picture to the left is Okie Dokie.  They are surprisingly well detailed for such reasonably priced separates, this shirt has both embroidered and appliqued lettering on it, as well as featuring a small ruffle at the collar and lettuce leaf edging at sleeve and bottom.  Pretty amazing for around $5-6 on sale.  I also grabbed corduroy pants with ruffled cuff, some leggings, and a few more long sleeve knit tops (including one for Halloween), all from this separates collection. We  also found a nice lined windbreaker set, perfect for late fall/early winter.  Just right for chilly outdoor events.

windbreaker set from JC Penney

All in all, the first shopping trip was a success! I was very happy with our selections.

okie dokie toddler clothes
Disney purse at JCPenneyWe to went to JC Penney again recently, to pick out some more adventurous styles.  I wanted to try and really get a feel for my daughter’s taste this time.  As soon as, we got within eye shot of the little girls purses my daughter excitedly ran over to them, and grabbed a glitter Disney Princess bag with chunky bead handle.  Although she wanted several of them, this is the one she ended out picking, and carried it through the store for the entirety of our time shopping, so she got her first purse that day :)  They also had some really cute “doggy” bags, and Hello Kitty purses that would be good for girls a little older than my daughter, who are not quite ready for a grown up handbag.

Between her adoration of this purse, and the recent discussion I had with her teacher concerning her love of glitter, I sought out some fashion with a little sparkle to it, for her.  I was in luck  that the shiny foil and glittery embellishments popular in the bigger girls clothes, were also available for preschoolers.

This set (below) seemed perfect for my daughter.  It had big girl styling, and shiny foil lettering, but was also appropriate for an active 3 year old.  I also picked up a glittery embellished hooded tee, embellished short sleeve Tee and some extra leggings.

Fall Fashion for Kids from JC Penney

Although my little girl is not quite big enough to wear the Super Girl line offered at JC Penney, we went over to check out the styles in person.  Now, I can’t wait until she is big enough.  The styles are very now, but tastefully done.  It is nice to know that little girls have such hot fashions available, which are not too adult in cut and style.  Here are some of the looks from the Super Girl line which I particularly liked.

jcp fall fashion giveaway

While these two shopping trips were inspired by a review request.  We will be back to JC Penney very soon.  Not only because of the wonderful styles and reasonable prices, but the experience we had there.  Several of the associates from the Emerald Square Mall location (MA), really went out of their way to help us, while we were shopping.  These ladies had no idea, I was going to write about my experience shopping there.  They were just performing excellent customer service, which is something hard to find these days.

Disclosure:  While I received a gift card to make this review possible, all opinions presented here are entirely my own.

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