Electrolux Nimble Vacuum Review

Electrolux Nimble

Electrolux Nimble Vacuum Review

Nimble is a very appropriate name for the newest vacuum from Electrolux.  This thing has more flexibility than a Yoga instructor.  platinum nimble vacuumThe Nimble is much more than highly maneuverable though, it’s innovative design makes good common sense.  This is one smart vacuum.  I’m not sure if one can have a crush on a vacuum, but I kind of feel that way about the Electrolux Nimble bagless upright vacuum.  It’s like a hot looking, athletic nerd. ;)

The fresh green model I am reviewing here is a Lowes exclusive.  If you prefer a more toned down look a platinum version is just hitting stores now.


The Nimble’s swivel action guidance system combined with it’s relatively light 18 pounds, offers unprecedented maneuverability.  It smoothly glides into turns with the twist of a wrist. It also drops down lower to the ground than many upright vacuums.

electrolux nimble review

Nimble vacuum in low position to get under furniture.

nimble vacuum review

Swivel action of the Electrox Nimble vacuum.

Electrolux Nimble’s Tools

nimble vacuum wandOf course there is more to being flexible than how a vacuum performs on a floor.  The quick release telescope cleaning wand smartly doubles as the handle, so much less cumbersome than storing a wand on the side of your vacuum.  Just push the button and lift off the sturdy brushed metal cleaning wand.  With a reach of 14 feet, it should be able to reach all those cob webs with no trouble at all. Need a shorter tool, push the next button, to quick release down to a short upholstery/stair tool.

nimble upright vacuum versatool

3-in-1 Versa Tool

turbo nozzle

Turbo Nozzle

The Nimble comes with a basic cleaning brush, and a 3-in-1 versatool.  It is great for those odd spots, which are difficult to get the right angle on.  It tightens to reach into crevices, expands to fit stair steps and opens flat for upholstery.  Select models (green) also include a bonus Turbo Nozzle, that is great for cleaning up upholstery.  I would think this tool would be a must for anyone with pets that get on the furniture.

electrolux nimble upright vacuum

Wand shown fully broken down. Along with included tools.

Electrolux Nimble: Suction and other Practical Considerations

The Electrolux Nimble offers 12 amps of cyclonic suction , that never loses suction.  The multi-cyclonic technology separates dirt from the air before it reaches the filter,

removing Nimble vacuum canister

Removing Nimble’s canister.

thus keeping the filter clear for maximum air flow.  It my home testing, this vacuum had excellent suction.

I liked the easily accessible power and floor type selection buttons on this vacuum, as well as the very responsive kick release pedal.

When it comes it emptying the canister, simply push the button on top to release the canister.  It is very easy to carry with well placed handles.  To open the dirt canister, press the butt on the side, no latches to undo.  I didn’t need to clean the filter yet, but took it out and replaced it, just to try it out.  It was also a simple user friendly process.

Another big plus with the Electrolux Nimble is the washable filters.  This will save money, and is of course eco-friendly.  With no bags to buy, and filters that will need far less frequent replacement, the cost of use for this vacuum is very low.

electrolux vacuum review

Electrolux Nimble: light & bumpers

Lastly, I would like to point out some nice design features of the base.  The HEPA filter is easy to change out.  The path light is bright, and the corners are covered with a diamond pattern rubber like material, which acts like a bumper, so your vacuum will still look good a few years from now.

Where to Buy the Electrolux Nimble Vacuum

As I mentioned earlier the green model is only available at Lowes.  The Platinum gray model should now be in stock at: Best Buy, Meijer, Sears & Target.  The vacuum retails for $299.

Disclosure: Product sample provided for the purpose of this review.  All opinions presented here are my own.

Electrolux Nimble Vacuum Giveaway Closed: Congratulations to the confirmed  winner of the Nimble bagless upright vacuum, from Electrolux: Nicole G.