Easier Mornings with Kids

school morningsLil’ Foodie can sometimes be “challenging” in the morning.  Most mornings I can get her up without too much complaint, but there are also those mornings when I hear her stomping and whining down the stairs, and brace myself, for the appearance of the monster version of my cute little girl.


Due to her autism, getting knocked off schedule effects her perhaps a little more than typical kids, so I try and keep things consistent.  I will let her sleep a little later on days she doesn’t have school, but unless she is sick 30-40 minutes later at most.  Any more than that won’t help her feel more rested, it will just result in her not being tired at bed time, then being cranky the next morning when it is time to get up.

Pleasant Welcome to the Day

Rather than startling your kids to wake them,  make them giggle.  I usually rummage around in her room just enough to make her aware of my presence, then I snuggle up and whisper something silly in her ear, give her a tickle, or start playing with her iPad in the bed (her little hand then quickly darts out to snatch it).  All of these result in a more pleasant morning for both she and I.

Plan Ahead

Do whatever you can the night before.  The less you need to do in the morning the more relaxed everyone will feel.  Stressed out mom = stressed out kids.

Keep It Simple

Keep breakfast simple.  A bowl of cereal, some fruit, a whole grain muffin, yogurt, whatever your kids will eat that is healthy and doesn’t require much if any cooking.  Ease of preparation, will give both you and them a couple extra minutes, to relax or finish getting ready.


  1. Ed Nemmers says

    Those are cool bowls!

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