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I Beg You, Make Me Sushi

make me sushi please

We have a small circa 1930’s bathroom.  Due to the size and “unique” peach and turquoise color scheme, I decorate it very simply.  It is knick-knack free.  My daughter, on the other hand, loves playing with sea creature toys in the tub.  They are often left strewn around, creating a sea life theme in our […]

10 Tips to Set Your Table Like Prince on a Pauper’s Budget

budget table settings

It may seem daunting at first to set a table on a budget. One that will both impress your guests, and be practical for entertaining. A nicely set table on a budget is very doable though. As a food blogger, “cheap Yankee” and former part time antiques dealer, I’ve sniffed out a lot of deals and tricks to put together attractive tablescapes…

Giveaway: Rubbermaid 2-in-1 Recycler for Tidy Recycling

Rubbermaid 2 in 1 recycler

Like many owners of older homes, I have some major storage issues.  There is simply no spot under my cabinets to store recyclables.  I have been placing the large ugly bins in my backroom and bringing recyclable items back there, as they are used.  Not the most convenient set up, considering the already impractical design […]

My Renuzit Fresh Accents Mini Living Room Makeover #FreshAccents #cbias

orange gold and red living room

My living room was last fully done over about 9 years ago.  It has been showing it’s wear, and over the past couple years, the pillows have dwindled, the artwork above the sofa fell and the frame & glass broke (never to be replaced), the finish on the top of the side tables has worn, […]