Plate to Pixel: Foodie Gift Idea

plate to pixel

So you have that friend or family member who loves to cook, and is always saying how they want to start a blog , write a cookbook, start selling their pretty baked goods or begin a catering career.  The thing is, to be successful in any of these areas, having attractive photos of their culinary […]

The Ugly Duckling Dinosaur

the ugly duckling dinosaur book

The Ugly Duckling Dinosaur (A Prehistoric Tale) , by Cheryl Bardoe and illustrated by Doug Kennedy, presents a quirky twist on the Ugly Duckling story and is perfect for kids who love dinosaurs, like my daughter. Mama Duck awaits the hatching of her eggs anxiously, only to be surprised by not just ducklings but a […]

Monkey See, Monkey Draw: Children’s Book Review

Monkey See Monkey Draw Review

Monkey See, Monkey Draw was written and illustrated by the critically acclaimed children’s author and artist, Alex Beard.  It is an energetic tale, with active illustrations.  The story will encourage children to express themselves through drawing.   As kids follow along with the experience of the monkeys, they learn along with them , from the […]

Simply Southern with a Dash of Kosher Soul Cookbook

Simply Southern with a Dash Of Kosher Soul review

Simply Southern with a Dash of Kosher Soul is packed with recipes, that while tailored to Jewish food preferences, would fit in just as well in anyone’s kitchen.  The challenges of preparing food with appeal to the southern palate, while maintaining Kosher guidelines, has produced a subtly different cuisine, which is featured in this book. […]