Enter the Loacker USA Photo Contest #LoackerLove

loacker waffers #loackerlove contest

This article is brought to you by Italy’s #1 cookie Loacker Wafers. There is a new cookie in town, and it is an exotic Italian.  Though they are #1 in Italy, I must admit, I’ve not yet had Loacker Wafers.  I will remedy that soon I am sure.  They look quite tasty. #LoackerLove Photo Contest […]

Foodie Shopping at West Elm

west elm order

This article is brought to you by West Elm and Linquia.  All opinions and experiences are my own. As some of you know, I am converting to induction cooking in the relatively near future.  While this new fangled techno cooking is an exciting change (well, for a food geek like myself it is), I was […]

10 Tips to Set Your Table Like Prince on a Pauper’s Budget

budget table settings

It may seem daunting at first to set a table on a budget. One that will both impress your guests, and be practical for entertaining. A nicely set table on a budget is very doable though. As a food blogger, “cheap Yankee” and former part time antiques dealer, I’ve sniffed out a lot of deals and tricks to put together attractive tablescapes…

Even I’m Keuriging It Now #BrewOverIce

keurig brew over ice

For years now, I’ve been listening to fellow bloggers and local friends espouse the virtues of their beloved Keurig machines, almost as if they were the holy grail of coffeedom. For years, I said, that’s nice and all, but I’m an ice coffee drinker & only grab a cup of hot, when I don’t have […]

Making the Switch to an Honest Home #NaturallyHonest

honest co

Spring is in the air and I don’t know about you but I’m not so keen on fouling up that sweet fresh air with the scent of chemicals wafting through my house during household chores.  This is just one of the reasons I am so pleased to be working on this campaign with Pollinate Media […]

Go Green & Pin to Win!

green pinterest giveaway

I’ve been trying to be a bit more green around here, trying out eco-friendly cleaniong products, saving electricity, cutting down on travel and growing some of my own vegetables. Another way I can reduce my carbon footprint is by choosing paper towels and toilet paper made from recycled content.

Big Toy Prize Pack Giveaway ($258 Value) #holidayshowcase

Action Adventures Robot flashlights

Want to fill it up under your tree in one fell swoop?  This big toy prize pack from MGA Entertainment will do it.  The total value of the toys is about $258.  Here is what the prize includes:  Action Adventures Robot flashlights – 3 (at $12.99 each) = $38.97  Lalaloopsy bundle – 4 (at $29.99 […]