Events, activities and products from Rhode Island, South Eastern Massachusetts and Eastern Connecticut.

A Date with Nemo…

german sherpherd in snow

I had an unexpected date with a tall fellow named Nemo.  He was a whopping 2 1/2 feet tall…higher here & there.  He left me hot & sweaty… praying not to see his face again, and my dog didn’t like him at all. In the end it took the help of a few neighbors to […]

A Dream Night at the Zoo

dream night at the zoo

Each year, on the first Friday in June, many zoos participate in Dream Night at the Zoo.   It is a free event for special needs children and their families.  My daughter and I attended Dream Night at our local zoo (Roger Williams Park Zoo).  She is still wild for the sea lion tank.  It was […]

La Salette Shrine a Southern New England Holiday Tradition

La Salette Shrine Christmas lights

No matter what your religion might be, if you live in Southern New England, especially Massachusetts or Rhode Island, you have most likely made the trek to La Salette Shrine.  It has become a holiday tradition for many of us… and is certainly reflected in the massive traffic jam it creates in the weeks leading […]

Madagascar Live! Review: Providence, Rhode Island Shows


My family had the pleasure of attending last night’s opening show of Madagascar Live at the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC).  When we first arrived I was bit concerned that my daughter would not focus on the show too well, since we had balcony seats, but once the Madagascar performers came out, they captured her […]

Haunted House: Coventry, Rhode Island (Part 2)

Rhode island halloween display church

Here is Part 2 of the big  Halloween display, in Coventry, RI.  While the last post was all from the haunted house part, this is the back part of the haunted house, along with outdoors & spooky out buildings. Don’t let the Peanuts gang fool you, there is some gruesome stuff here. Dare you have […]

Haunted House: Creepy Halloween Display (Part 1)

M defies the halloween devil

I love Halloween displays.  This display was done by my parents last year, in Coventry, RI.  Make sure to check out Part 2 as well, there is a cool building they constructed especially for the Halloween display. Check out the ghoulish shop keeper. M checking out the gruesome selection. Apparently dogs are allowed at this […]