25 Simple Paleo Recipes

Simple Paleo Recipes

New Year’s is right around the corner, and that of course means resolution time.  If you are thinking of trying the Paleo Diet this time around, here is a list of simple Paleo recipes to get you started. Paleo can seem extremely intimidating if you’re first starting to explore, or even if you’re just looking […]


Why Drink Plant Based Milk? #plantprotein

Silk in fridge

Living a healthier lifestyle is more about balance than restriction in my opinion. This was something that came to mind recently when I mentioned that I used Silk Coconut milk in my coffee most mornings, and a friend asked me if I was lactose intolerant (she knew I was not vegan). As I explained that […]


7 Tips to Keep Busy Kids Active and Healthy

healthy active kids tips

Like many kids, my daughter has a very busy schedule during the school year, and keeping her healthy and active can be a little challenging at times. With the school year about to kick off in just a few short weeks, I am already thinking about strategies to keep her active and ensure a healthy […]


Free Toilet Tissue 4 All!


White Cloud Bath Tissue is so proud of their new and improved 2-ply Ultra Strong & Soft and 3-ply Ultra Soft & Thick Bath Tissues, that they are giving it away for you to try! Who doesn’t love free! It’s a Free 4 All! …


Is Your Treadmill on Mosey?

ba collage

Honestly, this little reminder is just what I needed today. After striving to get fit and healthy for the last few years, I have been seriously slacking for several months now. It is time for me to get off my duff and back on track, now, not later…


5 Easy Healthy Living Tips

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As resolutions fade into the past for many of us, here is a little post-Valentine’s reminder about staying on track with healthy living. No mindless eating.     It is far too easy to find yourself sitting in front of an empty bag of chips, due to mindless eating.  Make sure to put all the “picky” […]