7 Tips to Keep Busy Kids Active and Healthy

healthy active kids tips

Like many kids, my daughter has a very busy schedule during the school year, and keeping her healthy and active can be a little challenging at times. With the school year about to kick off in just a few short weeks, I am already thinking about strategies to keep her active and ensure a healthy […]


12 Fun Crafty Kids Activities

crafty kid fun

Are the kids bored and driving you crazy? Here’s 12 fun & Crafty activities that are sure to nip that “I’m bored” whining right in the bud. They will be so occupied with these engaging creative activities they will forget their complaints…


I Grow Connection #GroSomethingGreater


As a child of about six years of age, my parent’s gave me my first gardening space. It was a small garden right in front of the house (what on earth were they thinking…lol). Did I tend this prominent garden well? No. Like most children that age, the novelty wore off quickly. The weeds flourished, and I watered rarely. Despite my neglect a few flowers bloomed, and I bloomed with pride over…


The Importance of Family Dinner #NewTraDish


The importance of family dinner, is something which should not be overlooked. The act of sitting down to a meal together, nourishes family members with far more than just food. It is a great way to keep a strong connection with your kids, and I’ve even seen a recent report, claiming that children who eat dinner as a family are…