My Latest Addiction… Luvocracy #GiftsOfLuv


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvocracy I have a new addiction, and it’s called Luvocracy.  As a Luvocracy member, you can make collections of products you recommend or simply think are wonderful.  The collections are assembled on image boards, with links to source, as a convenient way to purchase. […]

Pinbots: How to Recognize Them & Their Dangers


Pinbots a Growing Problem on Pinterest As some of you know, I am very engaged with Pinterest. I have noticed a growing problem there,  the presence of more and more pinbots.  When I say pinbot, I’m referring to fake Pinterest accounts, which are likely at least partially automated.  I am not talking about real people […]

Mom Bloggers: Why Do Brands Work with Them?

parents vs. non-parents social media

Mom bloggers both as a group and a term are often criticized, yet their social media reach is highly coveted by public relations.  Why are mom bloggers so popular with companies wishing to promote their products? Parents Use Social Media More A recent study from the Nielsen/McKinsey Company found that parents are more likely than […]