My Latest Addiction… Luvocracy #GiftsOfLuv


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvocracy I have a new addiction, and it’s called Luvocracy.  As a Luvocracy member, you can make collections of products you recommend or simply think are wonderful.  The collections are assembled on image boards, with links to source, as a convenient way to purchase. […]

Pinbots: How to Recognize Them & Their Dangers


Pinbots a Growing Problem on Pinterest As some of you know, I am very engaged with Pinterest. I have noticed a growing problem there,  the presence of more and more pinbots.  When I say pinbot, I’m referring to fake Pinterest accounts, which are likely at least partially automated.  I am not talking about real people […]

New Directions for Burnt Out Mom Bloggers

computer troubles

Are you a burnt out mom blogger?  Has the thrill of getting a tube of diaper cream, in exchange for your honest opinion, in the form of an article and social promotion, worn off?  Is little Johnny tired of you sticking your camera in his face for blog pictures?  Have you realized your blog is […]

When Blogging Hurts

pain from office work

Blogging seems like it would be a pretty cushy gig. Stay home, make your own hours and write. The thing is the hours can actually be quite long, and many times deadlines are often short and frequently bunched together. One week I have a clean house (well relatively clean), I’m on schedule and even manage to get a couple projects done… the next I feel like I am chained to my computer from morning until bedtime, writing, editing, doing social promotions and fixing some code that broke or what not…

Protect Your Internet: PIPA Video

No doubt you have heard something about SOPA & PIPA at this point, but if you are a bit confused as to what the fuss is about, I thought I would share this video with you. PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Mom Bloggers: Why Do Brands Work with Them?

parents vs. non-parents social media

Mom bloggers both as a group and a term are often criticized, yet their social media reach is highly coveted by public relations.  Why are mom bloggers so popular with companies wishing to promote their products? Parents Use Social Media More A recent study from the Nielsen/McKinsey Company found that parents are more likely than […]

Bloggers Grab Your Carpet Bags and Optimize Like a Marketer

vintage donald duck

Many bloggers see optimization as far too daunting a task to tackle, but we can take some lessons from online marketers and streamline the process.  Marketers often use specialized pages called landing pages to capture visitors attention and direct them to purchase or at least investigate their product more.  Now think about it wouldn’t a […]