Natural Mosquito Control For Your Backyard

natural mosquito control

One of the unfortunate realities of a balmy summer night is mosquito’s.  Their buzzing and biting can ruin a great barbeque and you may not want to or may be unable to wear the store bought chemical laden aerosol that promises to ward them off.  There are some plants you can set out and several […]

Growing Vegetables in Your Flower Garden

vegetables in flower garden

Growing vegetables in the middle of a flower garden might seem strange to some, but with a little planning they can actually grow very well together. We have become very used to dividing up the types of plants that we grow, keeping vegetables in a dedicated vegetable garden and segregating flower planting to decorative beds. […]

How to Prep and Plant Hanging Baskets

flower baskets feature

Adding a hanging basket to your outside living room, porch or along the front of your home is a fabulous way to extend the garden. The work that goes into the prep and planting for hanging baskets is fairly simple and you can put together several in a day so that you always have something […]

Best Roses to Use in an Archway or Trellis

rose trellis feat

Just about all gardeners love growing roses and enjoying the beauty and fragrance of their blooms. Adding a trellis or archway to your garden adds height and character to your garden.  Covering it with climbing roses is  another chance to add flowers and even bring a new type of rose plant into the garden. There […]

I Grow Connection #GroSomethingGreater


As a child of about six years of age, my parent’s gave me my first gardening space. It was a small garden right in front of the house (what on earth were they thinking…lol). Did I tend this prominent garden well? No. Like most children that age, the novelty wore off quickly. The weeds flourished, and I watered rarely. Despite my neglect a few flowers bloomed, and I bloomed with pride over…

How to Welcome Beneficial Wildlife to Your Garden


Small wildlife in the garden is not only beneficial to the plants that you are growing, but they also bring a certain beauty of their own and are interesting to watch. The more wildlife visiting a garden, the healthier it will tend to be.  Instead of trying to deter garden guests, I do everything that […]

Conserving Water in the Garden

conserving water in the garden

Conserving water in the garden can make the difference between a successful planting season vs. a poor one.  It will also save you a good deal of money on your water bill, not to mention being good for the environment. Tips for Conserving Water in the Garden Consider Water Usage When Designing the Garden Sectioning […]

Preparing Pots for Planting


As we get ready to embark on spring container gardening projects, it is always good to take a few extra minutes evaluating and preparing pots we already have on hand prior to planting. Evaluating Planters Do you have the right size planters ?  Having the correct size planter pots can make a big difference in […]