Applying the Homegoods Stylescope Quiz Results to my Home

jeweled photo frame

This article brought to you by HomeGoods as part of their  holiday blogger challenge.  Content and opinions are my own. I make no secret of the fact that I am a straight-up Homegoods junkie.  Of course, I adore their sister stores (T.J. Maxx & Marshalls) as well, but it is Homegoods that fully brings out  […]

Kitchen Makeover: The Starting Line

kitchen makeover before

Time flies when you are having fun, well in my case busy as all get out.  I’ve been buzzing around the house trying to temporarily solve my massive kitchen storage issues, which in the short term anyway are going to get worse before they get better.  You see, I’ve started on a DIY kitchen makeover.  […]

The Big Brown Beast is No More


Finally, many years past due my house has been painted. The craptastic brown peeling paint is gone. Our house is now sporting a fresh coat of grayish blue.  Trust me the first picture does not give the brown paint an ample enough depiction of it’s state of wear.  You may notice a stray dot between […]

Bring Spring Inside with World Market

bring spring in

For me, spring is the time to bring the outdoors in.  As  the windows are thrown open, spring cleaning commences and  more & more time is spent outside, it seems a logical merge. When assembling some affordable style selections from World Market, my goals were fresh & reflective of nature. Springtime is  ideal for birdwatching, […]

25 Wonderful White Christmas Trees … One for Every Style

white christmas tree vintage

White Christmas trees are something you either love, or could never see yourself doing. Years ago, I bought an inexpensive white Christmas tree, intending to use it for the vintage ornaments I picked up at estate sales during the summer. As soon as it came in the house, getting a live tree came to a […]

How to Refinish a Table Top the Easy Way

refinishing table top with polyurethane

Refinishing a table  can be an easy DIY project, that is both quick and inexpensive, especially if your main problem is the table top. I refinished the tops of my side tables one evening and they were ready for regular use the next day.  I would like to note that I would be very reluctant […]

Ace Merry Makeover Contest and a $100 Gift Card Giveaway

room make over giveaway

Do you have a room that badly needs a makeover?  Ace Hardware is hosting a Facebook contest called “Merry Paint Makeover”, the grand prize… a room makeover, by one of the Experts from their new design panel, valued at $10,000! The grand prize winner will receive merchandise and services to makeover a room.  3 runner-up […]

Quick & Easy Furniture Make-Overs with Spray Paint

quick dresser spray paint make over

Whether you just want a fresh look, or you have an otherwise good piece of furniture with a damaged finish, refinishing does not need to be a complicated process at all.  Spray paint can transform that crappy table or dresser that looks ready for the curbside into an attractive and useful piece of furniture.  A […]