Killing Shower Shame #Tilex

kill mold

I’m working with Tilex® on a paid basis, but my opinions are my own. I’ve had a shameful secret all these years.  As I’ve been sharing recipes and home & garden articles with you, I’ve been hiding a not so lovely secret garden in my bathroom shower… a nasty mold garden.  I have been battling […]


What Can the Fellowes 63Cb Shedder Do for the Paper Clutter Queen?

fellows shredder

Paper clutter has always been a bit of a problem for me, so much so that you could call me the paper clutter queen. In recent years, the problem has been harder to fight. On top of the usual papers most people have such as bills, I also have a plenitude related to writing and recipe assignments, and since my daughter is disabled, an ocean of paperwork related to all of her therapies and services. From thick packets, to tiny scraps of paper jotted with recipe notes, I have it all…


Hairy Scary

hairy dog

You’ve all met Lil’ Foodie and I’s trusty companion Hannah, our German Shepherd Dog. Despite Ms. Hannah’s many endearing qualities, there is one thing that drives me crazy. All the HAIR! I have a nice vacuum. It’s just not designed to handle copious amounts of dog hair. The canister isn’t quite wide enough, and hairballs […]


Ting, Ting, Ting, your Attention Please: Check Out #MyPlatinum Clink

platinum clink

I’ve been using the Cascade Platinum pacs for about a month now, and while I had previously said I didn’t notice a difference in the interior of my dishwasher itself, today, I take that back. I now do see a difference. Granted, the interior does not look “good as new”, but there is certainly improvement. Now if I could only run my entire kitchen through a cycle with this stuff…


Switching from Cascade, to… Cascade #MyPlatinum

cascade ambassador feature

One thing I am particularly fussy about is automatic dish washing detergent. Little is more annoying in the kitchen, than opening up the door on a freshly washed load of dishes only to find out the job has not been properly done and crusty gunk is now firmly adhered to the contents. To avoid this, my standard choice to use in my dishwasher is Cascade powder. I’ve cheated on my Cascade and tried other brands here and there, but always go back. They just don’t get the job done as well. This is why I’m happy to announce my participation in Cascade’s “My Platinum” Ambassador Program…