Kale, Bean & Chicken Soup Recipe

kale & black bean chicken soup

Kale Bean & Chicken Soup This kale bean & chicken soup is a hearty healthy meal.  The recipe is made on the stove top, but could readily be adapted to a slow cooker, as well. Now if you are a regular reader, you have been seeing a lot of beans on the blog lately, especially […]

Ratatouille Quinoa Soup Recipe

Ratatouille Quinoa Soup

With all the baking and such I’ve been doing lately, it seemed high time I made a lighter lower calorie dish, so I whipped up this Ratatouille Quinoa Soup for lunch today.  This is a quick cooking soup.  10 minutes to saute veggies and quinoa and 20 minutes simmering.  It is packed with plenty of […]

Skinny Sweet Potato & Kale Peanut Soup Recipe #HeinzVinegar

spicy sweet potato & kale peanut soup

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Heinz Vinegar. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating. When watching calories, finding hearty dishes that will satisfy can sometimes be a challenge.  This spicy-tangy Sweet Potato & Kale Peanut Soup Recipe, is filling […]

Creamy Chicken and Poblano Corn Chowder: A Healthy Soup Recipe

creamy chicken poblano corn chowder

Creamy Chicken and Poblano Corn Chowder is a healthy filling soup recipe. This low fat chowder is packed with protein and has enough carbs and dairy to satisfy. The Southwest flavor of the poblanos keeps it interesting, while keeping the heat subtle.  Yogurt adds creaminess without a lot of fat, as well as a tangy […]

Black Bean and Quinoa Soup: Gluten-Free Recipe

quinoa black bean soup feature

I have been experimenting with different whole grains a lot lately, especially quinoa recipes.  This Black Bean and Quinoa Soup recipe is one of the more successful of results.  The texture of the soup  is somewhat thick (stew may have been a more appropriate title), so it is filling.  This bean and quinoa soup is […]

Spicy Chicken, Black Bean and Sweet Onion Soup


I have been working on eating healthier this year, by eating less junk food & refined carbohydrates.  This recipe for Spicy Chicken, Black Bean and Sweet Onion Soup is a result of this endeavor.  It is high in protein and fiber, has a wonderfully flavorful broth and is quite satisfying.  You will be surprised how […]

Pumpkin Bisque Recipe

pumpkin bisque

This Pumpkin Bisque Recipe is deceptive.  The bisque is quite rich and comes across as a decadent treat, but in reality it is actually quite low in calories and is also packed with nutrients.  No one will guess you are slipping them something healthy, when you give them a bowl of this pumpkin bisque, but […]

Hot n’ Sour White Bean and Rice Soup Recipe

hot n sour bean and rice soup

This Hot n’ Sour White Bean and Rice Soup Recipe is sort of a marriage of Asian Hot & Sour soup and Pasta Fagioli/Minestrone soup.  It has the heartiness of the European bean soups, yet the rice and tanginess of the broth make this soup seem a bit lighter.  This is not only a quick […]