Lemon-Walnut Savory Cornmeal Shortbread Crackers

Lemon-Walnut Cornmeal Shortbreads

These savory Lemon-Walnut Cornmeal Shortbread Crackers were sort of a collaboration between myself and Lil’ Foodie.   I had been thinking about making lemon-walnut shortbreads for a couple days, but had a sweet cookie in mind.  Last night, when I was about to go in the kitchen to bake, my daughter came running up to […]


Disappearing Garlic Focaccia Bread Recipe

garlic-thyme focaccia

My daughter loved this fresh baked Garlic Focaccia Bread with Thyme.  It  flew off the counter. Every time I turned around I saw another slice walking by in her little hands, of course like many kids her age she picked off the “green stuff”… I guess no thyme next time. I baked for her a […]


Two Unholy Culinary Experiments I Committed on Turkey Leftovers this Week

culinary experiments

Now that I’ve got your attention :smirks sinisterly:, get the thoughts of Frankenstein & the Omen out of your head.  While My experiments in the kitchen this week would actually not qualify as unholy, they are surely deserving of the  unorthodox label. There is nothing like an overabundance of an ingredient, to make me take […]


Easy Fall Flavors Pizza Party with FlatOut Thin Crust Flatbreads

flatout fall pizza party

Flatbread pizzas using handy FlatOut Thin Crust Flatbreads are an easy an economical way to serve a fun menu to guests. They are brand new to the market, and have only been out since September 24th (a Walmart exclusive).  I like making all kinds of pizza, and am not shy about experimenting in the kitchen […]


Gluten-free White Bean Crackers Recipe

bean crackers - gluten free white bean crackers

Tomorrow is Lil’ Foodie’s first full day of kindergarten.  She always ate snack at preschool, but having lunch at school is new for both she and I.  The thing is, my daughter is a somewhat picky eater already due to her sensory issues, so with the added constraints of a gluten & dairy free diet, […]