Easy Dill Egg Salad Recipe

dill egg salad feature

I will boil up a dozen eggs every few weeks, and we add them to garden salads, eat a few on the fly and I’ll make a small batch of egg salad as well.  As you can imagine leftover Easter eggs are not a big deal in my house, but many are not as accustomed […]

Copycat Panera Tuna Salad Sandwich Recipe

copycat panera tuna

Are you a big fan of the tuna salad sandwiches at everyone’s favorite cafe chain, Panera?  Well, today I have a copycat Panera Tuna Salad Sandwich recipe for you.  It’s perfect for those days you just can’t make it to the cafe, or have the whole gang to feed and eating out is just not […]

Chili-Garlic Chicken & Mushroom Ciabatta Melt

Chili Garlic Chicken Melt

Chili-Garlic Chicken & Mushroom Ciabatta Melt I am hopelessly addicted to Vietnamese Chili-Garlic Sauce, and find myself putting it in more and more non-Asian dishes, like this Chili-Garlic Chicken & Mushroom Ciabatta Melt.  I actually had the bread cut, oven on and chicken sauteing in the pan to make this melt when I couldn’t quite […]

Southwest Lobster Roll Recipe: Inspired by #TheChew

Southwest lobster salad rolls 1

Southwest Lobster Rolls may seem like culinary sacrilege to some folks around here in New England, but they taste “wick’d” good & as a born and raised “New Englanda”, I’ll do what I darn well please with my “lobsta”. I guess I could just blame it all on those culinary characters from The Chew, since they are what inspired this tasty travesty…

Easy Tuscan Mushroom Bruschetta Recipe

mushroom bruschetta recipe

This easy mushroom bruschetta recipe was made for my dinner a couple days ago. While my 5 year old has not yet cultivated a taste for mushrooms, I adore them, and often incorporate nutrient dense fungi into entrees as a flavorful low calorie meat extender or substitute .  Since mushrooms are also an outstanding source […]

Blueberry Brie Grill Cheese w/ Basil and Cinnamon Brown Sugar

blueberry grill cheese

This blueberry grilled cheese recipe, is the result of me cleaning up in my kitchen, with a still mostly full pint of blueberries on my counter.  My mind wandered, as it usually does,  and I started thinking of non-dessert ways to use them up. Blueberry grilled cheese popped into my head, and it seemed not […]