Those Ribs from House of Cards…. #Netflix #Thanksgiving

baby back ribs

The holidays have already been crazy busy for me & they are not even really quite here yet. When I start to feel “fried out”, and can manage to grab a few minutes for myself, I like to watch episodes from series on Netflix. I’m currently about halfway through watching the Weeds series. The instantaneous gratification of watching episodes in tandem when you want to, rather than waiting

Easter Sandwich: What to Do with Leftover Easter Eggs and Ham

Easter Sandwich

Why Not an Easter Sandwich? When most people think of post-holiday sandwiches, turkey, stuffing & cranberry sauce come to mind.  While this now iconic sandwich is certainly delightful, I beg to say, Easter leftovers can make for a worthy rival of a sandwich. After Easter dinner, many families are left with an overwhelming bounty of […]