Easy Dill Egg Salad Recipe

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I will boil up a dozen eggs every few weeks, and we add them to garden salads, eat a few on the fly and I’ll make a small batch of egg salad as well.  As you can imagine leftover Easter eggs are not a big deal in my house, but many are not as accustomed […]

Kale Saute topped with Egg and Goat Cheese

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While kale might be in vogue right now, I grew up on it so it is standard fare for me. My half Portuguese mother grew it in our garden, and due to it’s cold hardiness it was on hand throughout most of the winter.  While she used it in soups most of the time, it […]

Easter Sandwich: What to Do with Leftover Easter Eggs and Ham

Easter Sandwich

Why Not an Easter Sandwich? When most people think of post-holiday sandwiches, turkey, stuffing & cranberry sauce come to mind.  While this now iconic sandwich is certainly delightful, I beg to say, Easter leftovers can make for a worthy rival of a sandwich. After Easter dinner, many families are left with an overwhelming bounty of […]

Pancetta Egg Cups : Italian Breakfast Recipe

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This Pancetta Egg Cups recipe is a quick and easy breakfast, that seems decadent, but in actuality is quite diet friendly.  If you don’t know what Pancetta is, it is an Italian form of bacon, which can be bought as slabs, or right from the deli.  It packs all the awesome flavor of bacon, but […]