Yellow Zucchini Pizzaiola with Fresh Mozzarella| an easy low carb recipe

yellow zucchini pizziola recipe

I have become a zucchini noodle addict over the past few months, and zucchini pizzaiola is one of my very favorite ways to make with them.  It is such an easy recipe, and doesn’t even require boiling water.  I typically use fresh mid-sized green zucchini, but got my hands on some lovely organic yellow ones […]

Federal Hill Hot Dogs

Federal Hill Hot Dogs

Here in Rhode Island we have a strong Italian-American presence. Federal Hill has always been a hub of the Italian community in our area, and is especially known for it’s restaurants. I decided to bring a little Italian flair to the everyday hot dog in honor of this community and area

Chicken Dinner Pasta Salad : Easy Weeknight Recipe

Chicken Dinner Pasta Salad recipe

In the dog days of summer, I am not a fan of slaving over a hot pot or doing much baking. I want quick convenient meals that my fussy daughter will actually eat. It is also a big plus if a meal is easy tote around. We like to eat out in our gazebo once the weather cools in the early evening. This Chicken Dinner Pasta Salad recipe is not only

Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs with Potatoes and Carrots

Chicken Thighs with Potatoes and Carrots in Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs with Potatoes and Carrots is such an easy satisfying traditional meal.  It is both budget-friendly and low effort so a great fit for most any family.  The chicken thighs are an inexpensive cut and the slow cooker is set it and forget it, until dinner time anyway. How to Make Slow […]

10-Minute Pulled Pork Tacos with Quick Slaw

Pulled pork Tacos with quick slaw

How can I have Pulled Pork Tacos on the table from start to finish, with fresh coleslaw as a topping even? I got a whole lot of help from Farm Rich Smokehouse BBQ. You see Farm Rich did all that slow cooking that we usually reserve for special occasions and big cuts of meat. They make it like we would (if we had the time, equipment & skill) with no artificial ingredients…

Honey Walnut Raspberry Cottage Cheese Bowl: A Superfood Generator Recipe

honey walnut raspberry cottage cheese

Sometimes in our over processed world we forget how easy it can be to put some things together, just the way we want.  Fresh ingredients that will truly benefit our bodies nutritionally, rather than simply feed us, are often overlooked.  Friendship Dairies has created a fun and interactive educational app, that helps us select delicious […]