Pumpkin Biscotti Recipe with White Chocolate Chips

Pumpkin Biscotti Recipe

Throughout the years, I have learned many things from many different cooks, both in restaurant kitchens and in home kitchens as well. The tips, I picked up chatting face-to-face with these well seasoned cooks, are priceless. They are not the sort of thing you find in a book or surfing the web. They are precious […]


Witch’s Hat Treats | Easy Halloween Party Food

Witch's Hat Treats Halloween recipe

These Witch’s Hat Halloween Treats are quick, easy & cute.  What busy mom doesn’t love that? The witch’s hats only take 4 items to make and require no baking, so you actually could assemble on site if needed.  The kids will love this easy Halloween party food, and not even think of the simple construction. […]


Easy Eyeball Cupcakes | Last Minute Halloween Party Food

Eye ball Cupcakes

Need a last minute Halloween Party food that will stand tall among the treats with more forethought (and effort) put in?  We have all been there, forgetfulness or just plain being crazy busy, has certainly left me in this predicament.  No worries, I’ve got you covered.  You are bringing Halloween Eyeball Cupcakes to the party […]