Kimchi Turkey Reuben Sandwich

turkey kimchi melt

I have been making Kimchi Turkey Reuben sandwiches for quite some time. The recipe first started when I didn’t happen to have any sauerkraut in the house, but did have kimchi on-hand.  Both are types of fermented cabbage, so it seemed to make sense.  It worked out great, and I have changed very little since […]


Baked Meyer Lemon, Chicken & Potatoes #ButterImprovement

Meyer Lemon Chicken-Potato Recipe

Recipe presented in collaboration with MELT® Organic. All opinions, images and recipe are my own. Have you struggled to find a “good fat” that has the creamy meltiness of butter, but is vegetable based and features the sought after Omega 3 ALAs? I know I have. Guess what, I’ve found one. It’s called MELT® Organic, […]


English Breakfast Muffins Recipe

english breakfast muffin recipe

English Breakfast Muffins are something most of us grab in a package at the store, but with this recipe you will be enjoying some homemade English muffins with your breakfast very soon.  How to Make English Breakfast Muffins Knead the dough ingredients together, then allow it rise. Separate into individual muffin doughs and place on […]


Roasted Green Beans Recipe | Easy Low Carb Snack or Side

Roasted Green Beans Low-carb snack or side

My daughter and I have been noshing on Roasted Green Beans a lot lately.  It is an incredibly easy recipe to prepare & makes for a great nutritious and low carb snack or side.  A few edges will crisp, but mostly the green beans are chewier and more flavorful from the roasting. How to Make […]


Top 10 Most Pesticide Laden Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Family

the worst pesticide foods

The World Health Organization has estimated that around 3 million farm employees obtain poisoning from pesticides each year. This results in roughly 18,000 deaths from pesticide related poisoning. Farm workers are not the only people needing to watch out for pesticides, insecticides and overall chemicals on food. The general public needs to also be leery […]