Double Chocolate Ferrero Rocher Cookies Recipe

ferrero rocher chocolate cookies

These Double Chocolate Ferrero Rocher cookies are sure to please even the most voracious chocoholic.  Technically, they are more like quadruple chocolate (chocolate cookie, with milk chocolate, white chocolate and the Ferroro Rocher).  Anyway, what’s in a name, it’s a whole lot of chocolate.  Enjoy! Double Chocolate Ferroro Rocher Cookies Recipe Author: Robin Gagnon These Ferrero […]

Wicked Good Vegetarian Chili #PumpkinCan

veggie chili collage

This post brought to you by Libby’s. All opinions are 100% mine. This “Wicked Good” Vegetarian Chili recipe is the result of my attempts to create a tasty and satisfying chili, which was both vegan and grain-free. I loved the results, so I’m going to call this one a big success. My secret weapons; Libby’s […]

Southern Charm Potato Salad Recipe

Southern Potato salad collage

Southern Potato Salad is a recipe everyone should have in their go to recipe collection, no matter where they live. Just because I’m a Yankee, doesn’t mean I don’t love a heaping helping of good old fashioned Southern Potato Salad.   What could be better at a picnic than a tangy egg and potato salad, after […]

Skinny Black Bean Guacamole Recipe

bean  gaucamole  feature

This Skinny Black Bean Guacamole is a super quick way to prepare a healthy vegan lunch, just add a few chips. It is also a great topping for meats, grilled veggies, veggie burgers or tex-mex meals. Plenty of unsaturated fat & fiber to keep you full throughout the day. While this Black Bean Guacamole recipe […]

Semi-Homemade Strawberry Shortcake Cookie Cups Recipe

strawberry shortcake cookie cups collage

These easy semi-homemade Strawberry Cookie Cups, are a great way to serve a wonderful dessert in a pinch.  Fresh strawberries and whipped cream bring simple sugar cookie dough up to the next level.  In this recipe, store bought cookie dough was used, but by all means, making your own dough would be even better… just […]

Copycat Applebee’s Kiwi Lemonade Recipe

kiwi lemonade collage

If you are a fan of Applebee’s Kiwi Lemonade, you can now enjoy this drink at home with this copycat recipe.  It’s freshly made lemonade, with fresh kiwi pulp makes for a delightfully tangy beverage and a step away from the ordinary. The recipe is easy.  The only thing you may not be accustomed to […]

Skinny Chia Berry Smoothie Recipe: 150 Calories & Vegan

chia berry smoothie feature

This Skinny Chia Berry Smoothie weighs in at a meager 150 calories, and packs a lot of fiber and antioxidant power (It has both blueberries & cherries in it). It is also vegan. The use of chia seeds not only thickens this low calorie smoothie, but adds a fun crunch. Both make the beverage more […]

Copycat Cadbury Eggs Recipe

copycat cadbury eggs collage

What could be more neat than making your own Copycat Cadbury Eggs?  … perhaps, eating them.  Today, I’m sharing e a recipe for making your own homemade version of this iconic Easter treat.  Yeah sure, it would be easier to buy some at the store, but where’s the challenge in that. You still have time […]