One Fish, Two Fish… Blue Fish, GloFish

dwarf gourami

Due to the quirks of autism, my daughter can be difficult to buy gifts for. Toys generally bore her.  This year I had a stroke of genius though…an aquarium. I went with her earlier in the week and picked up a 10 gallon kit, got it set up, tested the water and temperature. We went […]

“GoodNites” for Moms and Kids #HuggiesWalmart

happy girl 2

As many of you already know, my little girl is autistic.  While most people are aware that individuals with autism often struggle to communicate, and feelings can sometimes be confusing for them, especially concerning others, there seems to be less awareness of the motor control issues which are often present.  In my daughter’s case, this […]

The Unbridled Joy of a Hot Pink Birthday Bedroom

hot pink bedroom

My little girl turns 5 today. Over this past year she has worked hard, doing 30 hours per week of ABA therapy to help her with the disabling effects of her autism.  She has been a little trooper through the bulk of it.  While she still isn’t talking, her focus is much better and she […]

ABA Autism Therapy: 6 Months In

autism ribbon pink

As most of my regular readers know, my little girl is autistic.  It has been some time since I gave an update, since she has reached the 6 month point in ABA therapy (applied behavior analysis) and will be five years old in a few moths, this seemed like a good milestone  for a progress report. […]