“GoodNites” for Moms and Kids #HuggiesWalmart

happy girl 2

As many of you already know, my little girl is autistic.  While most people are aware that individuals with autism often struggle to communicate, and feelings can sometimes be confusing for them, especially concerning others, there seems to be less awareness of the motor control issues which are often present.  In my daughter’s case, this […]


Lil Foodie Escapes her Gluten and Chemical Free Confines and …. All Hell Breaks Loose

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Last Saturday marked the 6 week point in Lil’ Foodie’s gluten & casein free diet, to try and reduce her autism symptoms .  During this time period, I strictly omitted all dairy and gluten, as well as their derivatives.   In addition to this, I also removed most preservatives, dyes and sulfates.  MSG & HFCS  had […]