Broccoli Rabe and Sharp Cheddar Calzone

broccoli rabe and sharp cheddar calzoneBroccoli rabe is one of those acquired tastes.  The first couple times I had rabe,  I was baffled as to why people chowed down on this bitter green.  I found myself having it again though… and again.  Now I crave the stuff, not all the time but at least a few times a year.  Yes, I still find the bitterness distracting, but there is something about rabe that pulls me back.  When I eat it, I feel nourished in a way other foods just don’t equal.

Last week I bought a large fresh bunch, and braised it with olive oil, garlic, crushed red pepper, a little organic chicken base and a splash of wine, as I typically do.  It works well as a side dish or tossed into pasta dishes this way.  After months of mostly gluten-free baked goods in my household (I was trialing the diet with my daughter),  a crispy calzone seemed long overdue.  I have to say, broccoli rabe  teamed pretty well with the pungent sharp cheddar.  Yes, they battle for attention, but a milder cheese would just not cut it.  If you want a little more variety, I would suggest adding some roast chicken or uncured pepperoni into the mix.

Broccoli Rabe Calzone with Sharp Cheddar


*layer broccoli rabe thinly, or it will be overpowering

*lightly coat dough with olive oil, bake at 425, until crispy

rabe and cheddar calzone


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    This sounds so good. Brocolli and cheddar are such a good combo!

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    You know, sometimes I have broccoli rabe and I love it, and other times I have it and I swear to myself, “Never again!” But usually I have it on its own, with some kind of sauce. I think I’d like this more–there’s enough going on to offset that bitterness. :)

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