Blueberry Recipes: Get Your Blueberry On!

Looking for some blueberry recipes with flair, something a step away from the traditional pie, muffin or cobbler.  Here are some wonderful blueberry dessert selections from some of my favorite food & family bloggers.  Enjoy.
white chocolate blueberry cheesecakeWhen a dessert is lovely, as well as delicious, it hits a home run.  Jaclyn has certainly achieved that with her version of White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake, featured on her blog Cooking Classy.

blueberry raspberry scones with lemon glazeI adore scones, and these Blueberry-Raspberry Scones with Lemon Icing, from Cat Davis of Food Family Finds look divine.  Perfect Sunday morning comfort food.  Keep them in mind, next time you have overnight guests… of course they may never leave, if you give them these scones…lol

blueberry pie ice creamThis is one of the cooler blueberry recipes I found.  Kate’s Blueberry Pie Ice Cream from her blog Grin and Bake It, simply has me drooling.  I will be digging out the ice cream maker to whip up a batch of this very soon.  The promise of bits of graham cracker interspersed with the sweet blueberries and cream is such a tease.

Gingery Blueberry Shortcake SlidersLooking for a dessert that won’t blow your diet, and that your family will still eagerly devour? These Light Gingery Blueberry Shortcake Sliders, from MiscFinds4U might just fit the bill.  I usually think of strawberries with shortcake, but these little blueberry ones are a wonderful twist. I would love a bite myself :)

blueberry cakeMarla from Family Fresh Cooking, has really outdone herself with this Blueberry Layer Cake. As blueberry recipes go, this one has it all.  Not only are there blueberries in the cake, frosting and on top, but this is even gluten-free to boot, increasingly important since so many people are gluten intolerant these days.  Yes, I am impressed.

blueberry biscuits recipeThis Blueberry Biscuits Recipe from Shop with Me Mama, is a little something different  from Blueberry Muffins, and they look delish.  The pic of Kim’s little daughter proudly helping her make these is worth a visit in itself.  Too cute!

What are your favorite blueberry recipes?


  1. Lara W. says

    I love blueberries and will be trying a couple of these recipes.

  2. says

    Not a super big fan of blueberries, but these certainly look wonderful!
    Bill, and Friends of Bewitched

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