Bedroom Renovation Progress

victorian bay window

As you may have seen in my earlier post, the metal baseboard heat covers have now been refinished.  An attempt was made to put up the ceiling fan, but although my husband thought he had changed out the bracket already, he hadn’t.  Due to this, work is limited to the daylight hours right now, since he had already removed the old light fixture.  This is not a big deal because I am participating in a Glidden/Walmart blogger program, to makeover my daughter’s playroom.  I have plenty to do.

ornate ceiling fan

window trimYesterday, I did get back in the bedroom.  I had picked up some molding at the home improvement store, and cut and installed it around the windows in my bay.  I managed to get them caulked and painted , as well.  I case you are wondering, additional trim had to be added to the windows since someone (don’t look at me) ordered the windows a little small.  I actually think it looks pretty cool with the extra detail, but curtains will cover it anyway.

We have a hurricane coming this weekend, so I doubt much will get done over the the next few days.  Hopefully my flooring will come in for the playroom, so I can get that down.  I had thought about doing that brown paper bag floor design for the playroom. I would like to get that project squared away before putting leveler down to prep the bedroom floor for laminate.

I have been stashing things aside for this room for a few years.  This wall mounted bust is something I got from my mother, she had it hanging in her parlour for many years.

vintage bustThis bed and a few others like it, have caught my eye.  The plan is for the bed to go up against the curtains of the bay window.

iron bed



  1. Rosey says

    It all makes me want to decorate too…which is impossible right now. But soon!
    Good luck, it looks tiring and fun!!

  2. Kim K says

    I love that bed, very dramatic.

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