Bacon, Bacon, Bacon …. Awesome Bacon Recipes!!!

While I have plenty of my own bacon recipes, who can ever get enough bacon, especially when it is warm and perfectly crisp. I’ve rounded up some awesome bacon recipes that put this beloved pork fat front and center.  It  is not just a subtle accent in these recipes, it is the main attraction! These recipes were chosen based on scrumptious images, and quality of recipe, with a bonus for being unusual.

(Click the links to go right to the bacon recipes)

bacon brittleIt doesn’t get any more sweet, salty and crunchy than this bacon brittle from Chow.  I am dying to try this one.

chocolate covered baconChocolate + Bacon equals heaven!  This shot from Taste of Home is the prettiest pic I have seen yet of chocolate covered pork fat.  Now that is one hell of a combo 😀

bacon wrapped jalepeno poppersThere is a school of thought that believes anything is better wrapped in bacon, I tend to agree.  When it is wrapped around a jalapeno popper, just try and hold me back, from that cheesy spicy bacony goodness! (source: Sweet Life Bake)

bacon goat cheese grape popsThese cool looking appetizer pops, from That’s So Michelle are a great flavor combo, salty crisp bacon, goat cheese and sweet grapes… Yumilicious! These would look great on your next party buffet, wouldn’t they.

bacon cupsIf you just have to have a salad… at least put it in these easy to make bacon cups, from Not Martha.

bacon jamI’ve seen bacon jam and skillet paste on the web on many occasions, but have yet to try it.  This picture of the Bacon Jam recipe published on Dinner with Julie, may just get me on the bandwagon.  I could totally smear that on most anything 😀

I stuck to awesome bacon recipes with lovely pictures for this collection.  I am also working on a down & dirty collection.  The pictures won’t be quite as pretty, but I promise they will be dripping with even more delectable pork fat!

funny bacon gifts


  1. says

    I heart bacon! Bacon fudge is actually surprisingly good too!

  2. says

    WOW the chocolate covered bacon looks interesting and good – love the bacon cups.

  3. says

    Chocolate and Bacon! Seriously?! I am never going to lose a pound of weight no matter how far I run!

  4. says

    Love the site! Great recipes/ food ideas…promise not to steal all of them, lol. Just kidding, we’re happy with our version of chocolate-dipped bacon (which we call Muddy Pig). Actually just introduced a coffee-soaked one coated in white choc & espresso. Thanks too for introducing us to Not Martha :) Good luck and check out our site too if you’re feeling frisky for more bacontastic nosh.
    Chris @

  5. says

    I just LOVE bacon too!

    You must check out my blog for my BBQ Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf!

  6. says

    Holy Cow! I have got to try some of these :) There’s nothing better than crisp bacon and toast for breakfast, now to find one of these tasty tempters for lunch and dinner or just a good appetizer. I keep thinking I’ll have a bacon party and invite my friends over to a potluck of anything bacon. If I do I’ll have to report back.

  7. says

    Chocolate covered bacon! That is something I’ve yet to try. Have you heard of the ice cream bacon before? That sounds really interesting too

  8. says

    Great round up! I really like the idea of those bacon cups! A BLT without the bread.

  9. says

    I love the bacon cups. I was just at a store where they sell nothing but different kinds of jerky and sticks. I saw bacon jerky, but had enough in my hand already. I’ll bet it’s awesome!

  10. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    oh, my goodness–I love bacon! Thanks for sharing 😉

  11. Jenny says

    I’ve made the bacon jam (from a Martha Stewart recipe). It was so delicious! An as long as it was refrigerated it stayed good for four months!

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