Yellow Zucchini Pizzaiola with Fresh Mozzarella| an easy low carb recipe

yellow zucchini pizziola recipe

I have become a zucchini noodle addict over the past few months, and zucchini pizzaiola is one of my very favorite ways to make with them.  It is such an easy recipe, and doesn’t even require boiling water.  I typically use fresh mid-sized green zucchini, but got my hands on some lovely organic yellow ones […]

I Beg You, Make Me Sushi

make me sushi please

We have a small circa 1930’s bathroom.  Due to the size and “unique” peach and turquoise color scheme, I decorate it very simply.  It is knick-knack free.  My daughter, on the other hand, loves playing with sea creature toys in the tub.  They are often left strewn around, creating a sea life theme in our […]

Federal Hill Hot Dogs

Federal Hill Hot Dogs

Here in Rhode Island we have a strong Italian-American presence. Federal Hill has always been a hub of the Italian community in our area, and is especially known for it’s restaurants. I decided to bring a little Italian flair to the everyday hot dog in honor of this community and area

Chicken Dinner Pasta Salad : Easy Weeknight Recipe

Chicken Dinner Pasta Salad recipe

In the dog days of summer, I am not a fan of slaving over a hot pot or doing much baking. I want quick convenient meals that my fussy daughter will actually eat. It is also a big plus if a meal is easy tote around. We like to eat out in our gazebo once the weather cools in the early evening. This Chicken Dinner Pasta Salad recipe is not only