Aldi’s will Please Even the Fussiest Savvy Shoppers

aldi sign Aldi is a great place to grab party snacks, as well as foods to help with your New Year’s resolutions.

I was an Aldi virgin… until this weekend.  The is Aldi on the other side  of the city, and I could literally thrown a rock and hit another discount grocer, and several other grocery stores are also closer to my house, so I’d never gotten around to checking the store out.  I am now a convert.

Quality & Low Prices

Aldi has great prices teamed with good quality.  They don’t carry 10 different brands of each item, instead they specialize in their store brand.  Now I am a mighty fussy person, and I have to say, I was not disappointed in any of the items I bought.  I would say overall the foods we tried were better than most store brands, and the prices were considerably lower.

What I Tried

I grabbed various crackers, chips and snacks, along with salsa, hummus & cheese spreads.  Each item was about 30-60% less than typical store prices.  I also selected some of their Fit & Active products.  I was particularly pleased to see these, as I am getting back on track with a healthy lifestyle after a slothful and gluttonous holiday season.

A few standout items from our shopping trip, that I will be back for very soon:

woven wheat crackers – $1.25

hummus – $1.69

light cheese wedges – $1.29

Fit & Active chocolate shakes – $4.49

goat cheese log – $1.99

prices at aldi

 The woven wheat crackers and hummus didn’t make it to the picture… my daughter and I already chowed them down 😛

In addition to the items I purchased, I also saw some items that I will be back for, but did not need that day.  Bottles of real Maple Syrup were just $3.99.  Bottles the same size of store brand elsewhere are $2 more.  I also liked that they carried a wide variety of dairy products.  The selection of products made from goat’s milk was surprisingly good.  I will definitely  be trying out more from this department.

If you need last minute munchies for your New Year’s Party, or want a great start on resolutions to save money and eat right, pop right on over to Aldi.

Since I am just a rookie, perhaps some of you can give me a heads up on what else is great to buy at Aldi

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for ALDI. I received a gift certificate to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.


  1. says

    we don’t have an Aldi’s close to us, but my in-laws love theirs!

  2. says

    I love Aldi for certain things. Especially when I don’t have time to coupon.

  3. says

    How was the produce there? I know our Aldi’s produce is not on the good side.

  4. Nicole L. says

    Be sure to bring a quarter to get a cart and bring your own bags (they charge for those). You get the quarter back when you return their cart. It’s all about saving money for the store by saving them from hiring people to bring in the carts. Be sure to grab the frozen cheese ravioli. It’s super cheap and my kids love it. Their baked chips are also good. We weren’t as fond of the baked beans but we’re please with the store in general.

  5. says

    We have an Aldi’s but I haven’t been there yet! Your social sharing buttons disappeared on me, I wanted to G+ this post! Nothing is showing.

  6. says

    we have Aldi here but not really close to my house. I wish they would build more so I could shop there.

  7. says

    We used to have an Aldi’s right up the street from us, but they closed recently. I am convinced it’s because they made people pay to use their shopping carts.

  8. says

    We don’t have an Aldi’s here in Las Vegas but hopefully they’re going to continue to expand.

  9. says

    Aldi’s is great! I wish we had one a little closer though.

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