I’m a busy single mom, a food geek and avid DIYer.  The majority of the recipes found here, are my own creation, though I do occasionally adapt recipes from other sources and tweak them to suit my preferences.  The emphasis of my recipe catalog is healthy dishes, but I do go astray pretty regularly.  I also have contributors that help fill in with some fun recipes.

We live in a Victorian Era fixer-upper, so if  I am not stirring a pot or chasing my daughter, I most likely have a paint brush or rake in my hand.  I cover some of the DIY and gardening projects I get involved in here, as well as the occasional lifestyle topic or product that interests me.

My daughter is a very active child, with a diagnosis of autism, and participates in an extensive in-home ABA therapy program.   She is not interested in toys the way typical children her age are, rather she enjoys iPad games, art projects, making mighty messes and being a little fashionista.  Her best pals are our two rescue kittens, Kiki & Mika.  Despite her communication challenges, she is a little charmer, and lights up a room with her infectious smile.  She truly is my Sunshine.

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