How to Make Oven Dried Apple Rings

oven dried apples

Making oven dried apple rings is monumentally easy.  They make a terrific healthy snack to pop in the school lunches, and having dried apple rings on hand is wonderful for holiday cooking and baking. How to Make Oven Dried Apple Rings Just core and slice the apples into thin rings. Then dunk in lemon water, […]


Jell-O Witch’s Stew Cauldron | Halloween Dessert Recipe

Witch Cauldron Halloween Dessert Recipe

Muhahaha…. Here is a ghoulishly easy dessert that your kids will go wild about.  It’s a Witch’s Stew made from Jell-O and is just perfect for your Halloween party! It is a simple Halloween dessert.  Just lime Jell-o and whipped topping for the “broth”… … and some creepy Halloween candies, such as these bones & […]


Chicken Artichoke Olive & Tomato over Wheat Bulgur | Quick & Easy Healthy Recipe

chicken artichokes olives tomato bulgur recipe

When the opportunity to share a recipe featuring canned foods came along, I was happy to be counted in on the fun. I put on my thinking cap, ran out to the store and returned with groceries and an idea in mind. The thing was… I was hungry by the time I got home, and what I was planning was time consuming to make…


How to Make Italian Seasoning Mix

Italian Seasoning

Making your own Italian Seasoning Mix, as well as other seasoning blends and dry rubs is very easy, and a great way to be able to customize them to your family’s particular tastes. How to Make Italian Seasoning Mix There is really no trick to it, just mix the dry ingredients together and store in […]


Pumpkin Carrot Muffins with Cinnamon Icing, a Dairy-free Recipe

Pumpkin Carrot Muffin Recipe

My daughter is perhaps one of the fussiest kids on the planet, but has recently taken a liking to pumpkin muffins. I decided to make her a batch of Pumpkin Carrot muffins at home from scratch, so I could use healthier ingredients than the coffee shop did. I reduced the sugar, by substituting some of […]