Remembering David …

Veteran Suicide

On this day, when we honor the sacrifices made by those in the armed services, keep in mind that the wounds both visible and not,remain, even many years later. Many honorably discharged veterans are homeless. Many await services, or are caught up in filing bureaucracy, especially those whose service involved activities which were classified.  20 […]


Easy Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Recipe | Yes, You Can Roast Frozen Vegetables

Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Recipe

I am a big fan of roasted vegetables, but don’t make them as often as I like, especially when in a hurry, because of prep time. Perhaps, it may have occurred to some of you already, but I had never tried roasting frozen vegetables before. The veggies were already prepped, and the freezing process locks in nutrients, so if it worked, I would have a very handy little trick.


Pumpkin Biscotti Recipe with White Chocolate Chips

Pumpkin Biscotti Recipe

Throughout the years, I have learned many things from many different cooks, both in restaurant kitchens and in home kitchens as well. The tips, I picked up chatting face-to-face with these well seasoned cooks, are priceless. They are not the sort of thing you find in a book or surfing the web. They are precious […]